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Ballots Page 2

Vote for your favorite L.A.
Medical Marijuana Collective

Ballots Page 1 - San Fernando Valley - Chatsworth, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Arleta, Studio City, N. Hollywood

Ballots Page 2 - WLA, Hollywood, Silverlake, Downtown, Mid Wilshire, South LA, Torrance, San Pedro, Long Beach

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Ballots Page 2
L.A., WLA, Venice, Hollywood, Silverlake,
Downtown, Mid Wilshire, South LA, Torrance,
San Pedro, Long Beach, and Orange County

Readers Poll and Feedback Page. If any of these listings are closed,
or if you know of any Collectives we don't have listed, please let us know.

webmaster@jemmmag.com 323-461-6600, or post a comment on the Poll itself

You can only vote once per poll . . . but you can check multiple boxes
POLL #10
Best Collective -
W. Hollywood & Hollywood

Buzz R U
Grateful Meds Compassion
La Brea Compas
LA Confidential Caregivers
La Luna Caregivers & Lounge
Sunset Herbal Corner
The Farmacy
Ultimate Care
Zen Healing Collective
Apothecary 420
City of Angels
DC Pharms
Eden Therapy
Evergreen Compassionate Collective
Kush Mart
Natural Remedies Caregivers
West Coast Natural Pain Relief
Western Caregivers Group
POLL #11
Best Collective -
E. Hollywood & Silverlake (a)

Greenhouse Herbal
Hollywood THC
Best Choice
Southwest Organic
Heaven on Earth
Sunset Junction
L.A. Organic
Mary Janes
Hot Spot
HHC Plus
Rampart Caregivers
Dab Caregivers
Silverlake Caregivers
Kure LA Collective
Medicine Man
HIgher Path
Cal Caregiver Alliance
POLL #12
Best Collective -
Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Care
Main St Caregivers
Trinity Holistic
Downtown Natural
New Era
Flower Discount C
People's Choice
Eden Caregivers
Palliative healing
Los Angeles Patients G
The Lushy Collective
L.A. Natural
Go Green Bear
Absolute Herbal
LA Meds 4 Less
Alameda Wellness CTR
Sante Fe Exchange
Westside Patients
Soto St. Compassion
Compassion Union
Blu Gate Collective
Whittier Happy Collec
Indiana Caregivers
POLL #13
Best Collective -
N. LA -Eagle Rock

Organic Healing Center
Highland Park Patients
EZ Times
Blue Dragon Collective
Figueroa Collective
The Coughy Shop
RX Caregiving
Green Earth Collective
Medical Caregivers Assoc
Hyperion Healing
NEP Collective
POLL #14
Best Collective -
WLA North
Westwood, Brentwood

Wilshire Healing
Hollywood Holistic
Canna Care Relief
Farmacy West
CCA West
Westwood Caregiv
Santa Monica Collect
Westwood Organic
The Holistic Clinic
Westwood Healing
B. Green
Gormet Green Room
Total Health Care
Tai-Ma Remedies
POLL #15
Best Collective -
WLA South, Venice

Pacific Collective
Green Cure
Venice Alternative Healing
Nile Collective
Green Dot
Green Godess
California Alternative
Venice Beach
China Inn
The Green House Smoke
The Farmacy
LA Treehouse
Marina Caregivers
Venice Discount
Beach Enlghtnmt & Compassion
Westside's Finest
Westside Health
Green Oasis
Victory Holistic
Venice Caregiver Assoc
POLL #16
Best Collective -
Miracle Mile

Infinity Medical Alliance
Kelly Collective
Westside Caregivers
Robertson Care
Venice Blvd Patients
CA Finest C.C,
Purelife A.W.
Herbal Nutriton Ctr
The Green Easy
Field of Greens
Natural Way of LA
Kush Collective
La Brea collective
Mid City Lounge
Blue Moon
POLL #17
Best Collective -
Mid Wilshire

Apothecary 420
Nature's Garden
West 3rd Collective
Western Theraputic
Western Discount
Precision Medical
Red Eye Society
Wilshire Compassionate
United Herbal Ctr
Hoover Wellness Ctr
Organic Relief
215 Caregivers
Divine Flowers
WWMG 420
House of Dank
Nature's Wonder
Rainy Day Specials
The Exquisit Flower
Wild Fire Collective
Kush Korner
POLL #18
Best Collective -
LA South, Inglewood, LAX

The Green Oasis
West Wellness Center
Green Street Wellness
Universal Holistic
Inglewood Wellness
Exclusive Caregivers
Western Compassion
California Wellness
Superior Herbal Health
420 Grand
Absolute Herbal
Herbal Love
Traditional Herbal
Heaven on Earth
POLL #19
Best Collective -
Torrance, San Pedro

South Bay Canna Clinic
4G South Bay
Harbor Area Caregivers
Harbor City Collective
PR Collective
ABC Collective
Skippy's Hot Box
First Choice Wellness
Just Alternative Healing
Green Mart
The CannaVerse
Peace of Green
Local 420 Patients Collecti
Beach City Center Solutions
Herbal Solutions, Harbor City
The Ion Cannabis Club
PCH Caregivers
Green Dove Coop
Wilmington Caregivers
LA Collective
420 Highway Pharmacy
Delta 9
Natural Wellness Caregivers
Atomic Collective
Chronic Pain Relief Center
Fountain of Well Being
POLL #20
Best Collective -
Long Beach

Natural Health PG
EarthHeart of LB
OMG Collective
Healing Tree Holisti
4th St LBNS
Naples Wellness Ctr

Ballots Page 1 - San Fernando Valley - Chatsworth, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Arleta, Studio City, N. Hollywood

Ballots Page 2 - WLA, Hollywood, Silverlake, Downtown, Mid Wilshire, South LA, Torrance, San Pedro, Long Beach

Individual polls with their direct links
POLL #1 - West Valley - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140275&pollalign=center
POLL #2 - West Ventura Blvd - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140283&pollalign=center
POLL #3 - North Valley - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140336&pollalign=center
POLL #4 - Sunland/Tujunga - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140338&pollalign=center
POLL #5 - Mid Valley A, Van Nuys - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140339&pollalign=center
POLL #6 - Mid Valley B, Van Nuys - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140340&pollalign=center
POLL #7 - Mid Valley C, Ventura Blvd - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140342&pollalign=center
POLL #8 - East Valley A, N. Hollywood http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140343&pollalign=center
POLL #9 - East Valley B, N. Hollywood http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140344&pollalign=center
POLL #10 = W. Hollywood, Hollywood - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140347&pollalign=center
POLL #11 - E. Hollywood, Silverlake http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140348&pollalign=center
POLL #12 - Downtown L.A. - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140349&pollalign=center
POLL #13 - N. L.A., Eagle Rock - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140350&pollalign=center
POLL #14 - WLA North, Brentwood - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140351&pollalign=center
POLL #15 - WLA South, Venice - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140352&pollalign=center
POLL #16 - LA, Miracle Mile - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140353&pollalign=center
POLL #17 - L.A., Mid Wilshire - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140354&pollalign=center
POLL #18 - South L.A., Inglewood http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140358&pollalign=center
POLL #19 - Torrance, San Pedro http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140360&pollalign=center
POLL #20 - Long Beach - http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/?pollID=1140359&pollalign=center

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